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Emergency escape slide simulator for use at Chicago airport

Tyne Gangway have secured an order to design and build an emergency escape slide simulator for use at Chicago airport. The slide will be used for fire evacuation training at the airport and will simulate the function of the inflatable slides normally used, eliminating the additional set up time and expense after each use. The […]

Marine access systems: finding a safe solution

The variable and constantly moving gap between a marine vessel and the jetty or dock is an interesting problem. Normally, the ship is at port to load or unload cargo, passengers or liquids. It is therefore reasonable to assume that the height of the deck above water or jetty is a variable because of the […]


Gangways for the Tall Ships Regatta

Tyne Gangway have agreed to loan (FOC) the Port of Sunderland several gangways for the duration of the Tall Ships Regatta Great to meet with Ken McDonald, Managing Director @tynegangway who will be providing the gangways for some of The Tall Ships coming this summer. These gangways will allow visitors to get on board and […]

Tyne Gangway despatch fully automated Forward Operational Deployment System (F.O.D.S) for the Australian Antarctic Supply Research Vessel

The 160-metre ASRV will perform numerous tasks for the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD). “The new vessel is a multi-mission ship designed to sustain geographically dispersed stations, support helicopter operations, sustain shore parties on remote islands, map the seafloor and undertake a variety of scientific activities across the Southern Ocean. The F.O.D.S consists of a 9.3 […]