Welcome to Emcon 2022

To contact our team at Emcon email us as follows:

Donna Watson

Donna Watson, Sales Manager – donna.watson@tynegangway.com

Sarah Quinan

Sarah Quinan, Buyer – Sarah.quinan@tynegangway.com

Peter Williams, SMS Technology

Peter gave a great overview of SMS Tech’s platform and advised us on how it could support our manufacturing processes, especially assisting us through the audit process.

Nick Richards, RS Industrials

It was great to meet with Nick and hear how their products and services can support our business; we really like their industrial vending machine.

James Faulks, Dan Thurlwell, SBT Ltd

SBT Ltd has a lot of products to offer and an efficient service too, next day delivery anyone, yes, please!

Tyne Gangway has a long history of providing lightweight aluminium gangways to Ports, Harbours, and Vessels worldwide. We are able to able to supply Type Approved gangways quickly and efficiently for Sale or Hire!

Sala / Shala Gangways

Short-range, shallow 0-30 degrees or 0-50 degrees working angle, lightweight aluminium gangways for easy ship-shore access, is 600mm clear width and comes complete with ropes and stanchions, standard ship hook, and jetty roller. Click the following links for more details: